Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun Ideas!

I came across this blog today (of course by blog stalking...thanks Lauren!) that has so many fun ideas to do with our little ones! If you are in a slump at home trying to think of ways to keep the kiddos entertained then click on the link immediately!

I am so excited about the whole slew of activities to do...our first one is going to be this fun Sensory Table! My son will LOVE this for that I am sure. I am excited because I think this will keep him entertained for hours;)

Also try this educational activity about The 5 Senses. I did an activity similar to this about 6 years ago for a Primary Sharing Time (church lesson) and it was a HIT!! I had ALL the kids' attention as they each wanted to have a turn to touch, smell, and taste. This one takes a little more planning and putting together but no doubt your kid(s) will love it!
Just thought I would share! When you strike gold it only matters if you share the wealth! (I think I just made up a quotable quote!...haha!)


angee said...

Thanx for linking to me and for all the kind comments! I can't wait to browse your blog more; it looks great!

Dresses 'n Messes

Liz said...

That's one of the best things about blogs and technology - sharing the great stuff you find. I'll definitely be browsing that site!
And I love your "quotable quote." It's a good one!

Bradbury Bunch said...


Will definitely have to try these out on my low attention span 2 1/2 year old! LOL

And that quote is one of the best I've ever heard or read. Seriously! This is why I LOVE you Laurita! Creative, talented, Smart, and so FUN to be around...even if its through the computer!! :)

P-S I didn't know that Dollars for Diapers was still up and running! On my blog it said it didn't work for some reason...I shall copy and paste the button IMMEDIEATELY!

Katie said...

Love these ideas and think I shall spend some time this morning on that blog! I did a post about some similar things I did with my littles (including the rice sensory table and some tips for cleaning up) here (about halfway down the post, after my ranting about being a Failure Parent):