Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Want to Help?

Hello to all of our readers!!

Thank you for taking interest in this cause! We need YOU! Below are some ideas I am throwing out and have gotten from friends as well!! Start thinking about ways you can contribute! From small to large...every effort is much needed and much appreciated!

*Post this link and write a post about this cause! Spread the word! Talk to friends!

*Talk to any groups you are a member of and let the members know about this effort! If you are a service organization or want to start a service project then start brainstorming on ways you can raise awareness and collect donations. There is a Girl Scout Troop in Idaho working on a diaper drive to be held early 2009! Go Girls!!

*If you have kids or work with kids get them involved!! Kids love to help and are very enthusiastic contributors! Have them start a change collection or hold their own bake sale or lemonade stand...every little bit helps!!!

*Ask friends and family for any leftover diapers they may be storing and will not use. We will collect all diapers...even the stragglers without a package!

*Set up a collection bin at your place of work, school, church, store, etc! Let people know you accept all baby care items! Also let them know they they can donate by credit or debit cards online at dollarsfordiapers.blogspot.com through Pay Pal.

*Start on auction or donation effort on your own blog! Hold a giveaway for your readers...say whoever donates to Dollars for Diapers will be entered into a drawing for a prize of your choosing. Post items you have made or purchased or collected and start the bidding! I have seen this work very, very well on many, many blogs! Have the winners of the auction pay for the item by using the Pay Pal link on this blog and just show a receipt or conformation to you.

***Just Open Your Mouth!*** Talk it up...make this cause well known and get people interested in helping!

These are just a handful of ideas! If you have ideas you want to throw out please do! Leave us a comment!! Thanks Again for your interest and support!! Little bums around the country will be thanking you!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Diaper Drive

Our mission is to use the power of the blogging community to make a difference! Despite all the bad we hear about going on right now we still have the power to DO A LOT OF GOOD and we want to prove it! With the condition of the economy leaving many families stretching their dollars thinner than ever before we want to step in and help in whatever way we can. Every little bit a person can do helps!

We believe every baby deserves to be pampered...including their little tushes! With all the things parents have to worry about today we want to offer some relief from the worry of diapers. Diapers are the most expensive baby item that a parent must purchase over and over again until their child is potty trained. Many families have 2 or more babies in diapers and this can be a drain on the bank account. With no options left, many babies stay in 1 diaper for way too long or may go without a diaper for long periods of time. We want to relieve parents from having to make a decision about whether to diaper their child or pay the power bill. This is something we CAN DO!! Everyone can help this effort in one way or another. We are asking for donations of all sizes...pennies to big bills! Every little bit helps...so search under couch cushions and under car seats!

If you are one of those who are stretched too far you can contribute to this relief effort by posting a blurb on your blog about this effort and providing a link so that you reach all of your readers and get them involved. You can also tell anyone you meet and petition those with the ability to help to take an interest in this cause!

The diapers will be distributed based on how much funds and donations we can bring in. We will be accepting e-mails from you letting us know where you see a need for diaper relief. More details will be worked out as we see how big this effort grows. We know this service is needed in every nook and cranny of the United States so we ask every person reading this to find a way to get involved and help us reach each and every person that needs our help!! Right now we have "diaper stations" in Mississippi, Idaho, Pennsylvania, California, and Utah...soon we will have stations in all 50 states! Right now our stations are simply people who are working with the effort and will be available to distribute diapers in their area based on needs and funds available.

WANT TO HELP??? E-mail us at dollarsfordiapers@gmail.com!! thank you for your interest and your support in this cause!